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The ABC's of Personal Finance

Oct 31, 2017

We are at war everyday with our mind - what we want versus what is best for us.  This week Debbi will talk about how the mind can make or break your finances and teach you what she learned that took her from $200,000 in debt to financial freedom.  

Oct 24, 2017

Anyone with a teenager in their life needs to listen to this episode.  Debbi will talk about the 3 P's of finding your path - Passion, Process & Payment.  We are raising adults - learn how to help them find their path.  

Oct 16, 2017

Debbi gets asked thousands of questions and in this week's show she is going to answer the two most asked questions - from her new book "50 Shades of Money" releasing at the end of the year.

Oct 9, 2017

Identifying the difference in a true need and a want will change your finances.  You can have both, but you must be able to walk in the truth in order to win in the area of your finances.  Listen as Debbi gives examples of how she learned the difference and how it helped her to reach financial freedom.  

Oct 2, 2017

Is your life out of balance in your finances, your relationships or your career?  You must listen to this week's show and hear from Debbi how she found balance in her life and reached financial freedom!