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The ABC's of Personal Finance

Jul 31, 2018

We all want to live like the rich whether our bank account says we can or not.  The one thing we can do is buy like the rich no matter how much money we have.  In this episode, you will learn all the secrets of the wealthy when it comes to buying anything.  Come take a listen!

Jul 23, 2018

I love talking to people!  Whether it is in the intimacy of my office, via video chatting, or at a conference, I love working with people to overcome their fears and reach their financial goals.  But many of you aren't ready.  Many of you are shy.  Many of you don't need me.  That's ok.  I still want to talk to you and...

Jul 18, 2018

There are 4 keys to winning in the area of your money.  If you are balanced in these 4 areas, you will always have success financially.  In this episode, Debbi shares the 4 keys and how to succeed at each one in order to build wealth and obtain financial freedom.  Join us!

Jul 11, 2018

You will never be a millionaire and stay a millionaire without a certain mindset.  In this episode, Debbi will give you examples of how to have a millionaire mindset and how to reach financial freedom.  Join us!